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​Messianic Discipleship Book  

Messiah In The Feasts Of Israel

November 9th, 2014  - Discipleship
Developing More Effective Talmidut (Messianic Discipleship) in the Messianic Congregation


The Webinar's goal: to provide those with congregational (and family) responsibilities the needed tools to effectively evaluate both the actual dysfunctional elements that need to be addressed and to also appreciate the wonderful blessings in the congregation, and then to further equip the members to grow together in their families and in the congregation.

(3 hour webinar)



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January 11th, 2015 - Developing Outreach

Developing More Effective Messianic Evangelism for the Messianic Congregation:

The seminar's goal: to provide those with congregational responsibilities the needed tools to both effectively evaluate the actual hindrances to growth, and then further equip the members to help grow their congregation.
(3 hour webinar)



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Strategy for Discipleship

In Acts 20, Paul was speaking to his own disciples, who were now leaders of the congregation at Ephesus. He reminded them of the time spent with them, of his investment into their lives: “You yourselves know…how I kept back nothing that was profitable"  



The Ministry of Leadership

The ministry of leadership has become a perilous journey. In a world of changing cultural values and heightened expectations, the pressure to continually succeed weighs heavily upon today's ministry leader.